Drawstring bags

Drawstring plastic bags

Drawstring plastic bags offer a 2-in-1 packaging solution because as well as being simple to open and close, they can also be easily suspended from the drawstrings. This opening system can be used by all consumers, whatever their age or lifestyle. It allows the packaged product to be consumed gradually, while being kept safe and hygienic. The flexibility of this closing system allows the bag to fit to the shape of the product which provides a wide facing and gives the product greater in-store visibility.

Choose our "custom-made" bags

To boost the impact of the drawstring plastic bag on shelves and focus attention on the colours, the drawstring can also match your brand colours. This way you combine visual effectiveness with packaging usability so that your products stand out more at points of sales.
Depending on the product you want to package, this system is available for PP, PE and biodegradable bags. Drawstrings bags can be filled either from the top or the bottom and both manually or automatically.

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