Resealable bags

Resealable and bespoke bags

Being a closing systems specialist, the range of customised, resealable bags that Flexico can offer is both unique and extensive. Given its proven expertise in closing systems and plastic materials, Flexico can innovate, develop and optimise its manfacturing processes to provide you with resealable packaging that is innovative, custom-made and out of the ordinary.

To meet the requirements of all areas of business (industry, consumer goods, distribution and services) and all uses, Flexico can provide a great variety of custom-made, flexible, resealable bags : kangaroo pouches, bags with different sections, larges seals, bottom gussets, bundles etc.

Flexico produces custom-made plastic bags from polyethylene, polypropylene, and complex, compostable and biodegradable films. However, it also makes bags with various barrier, optical and/or tactile properties: soft-touch, opaque, anti-UV, anti-static, embossed films etc.

Flexico is renowned for the remarkable, unrivalled quality of its plastic films and their crystal-clear transparency.

When designing any packaging, printing is a very important stage. Printing personalises the packaging to focus attention on the company, the brand and the product, and to boost product visibility on shelf displays. More attractive instructions for use can also be printed.

For custom-made bags, Flexico’s expertise in flexographic printing is available to its customers. From designing the artwork to printing the plastic film, Flexico can provide its customers with advice and services at every stage in the packaging’s production.

Thanks to particular, long-standing partnerships with the companies that supply its photengraving, Flexico guarantees that your art work will be faithfully reproduced.

Flexico has developed extensive expertise in using Pantone inks and colours to get just the right shade and therefore the exact colour that the customer is looking for.

To produce customised resealable bags and meet requirements for all types of use, there are many different options available.

  • To suspend packaging in-store: holes (round, delta or euro) incorporated in the bag, lip or header; inserted, welded or glued hooks.
  • To guarantee the product: an integrated tamper-proof system with proof that the packaging has been opened.
  • To easily open the packaging without using scissors: tear-open perforations, notches, perforated tear lines, etc.
  • To fill the packaging quickly and easily : whole vent, tear-away or star-shaped holes, Wickett or Thürling bundles.
  • To make distribution simple : tear-off perforations so the product can be consumed in portions.
  • To transport the packaging : cut-out or reinforced handles
  • To ensure tracking and tracability: a write-on section so information can be added directly to the bag with a ball-point pen
  • To optimise the packaging process: the Joker® system