Closing system profiles

The Flexico group’s R&D division strives to provide practical, innovative solutions to improve flexible packaging and its visibility. The closing profile system does far more than perform a simple “open-close” function - it offers the product inside real added value. Drawing on over 60 years experience, the Flexico group is able to offer one of the widest selections of closing system profiles available anywhere, all produced with ecodesign firmly in mind.


Our profiles are made from polyoléfines such as the polyethylene (PE) and the polypropylene (PP), in extrusion or co-extrusion to improve the technical performances of the closure(lock), in particular its weldability.

The profiles can be welded or extruded on every type of materials whose polyoléfine internal layer is (PE,PP): movie monosleeps in PE, PP, BOPP, complex movies including a layer polyoléfine intern in, whether it is with paper, with aluminum, of silvered...

The quality of used materials and the composition of our formulations for each of our closures guarantee you a good weldability on your packagings and thus one practicality increased for your consumers and a qualitative rendy thanks to the quality and of the aestheticism of the weld.

Our closures are in adequacy with our Sensogrip®, Zipgrip® an Slider bags.

  • Closing system extruded on the film in our factories, ready to use
  • Closing systems suitable for sterilisation, pasteurisation, fast-freezing, cooking etc, to suit the packaged product, particular industrial requirements and any feaures specific to the manufacturing and/or storage environment
  • The packaging is guaranteed/protected by tamper-proof systems with features to prove it has been opened
  • No-scissors, easy initial opening, ridges in the lid afford a better grip each time the closing system is used.