Bags with no closing system

To cater for your other flexible packaging requirements, Flexico also designs and makes bags that have no closing system. This means that you can take advantage of the variety and quality of our plastic films, our wide choice of bag shapes and the many different options available in our resealable bags.

Customise your bags with no closing system

So that your products stand out on shelf displays, you can customize this range by choosing from:

  • Different types of bags : bottom gusset or block bottom so that your products are completely stable when displayed on shelves or in shop windows, bags with different sections, etc.
  • A wide selection of raw materials: PE, PP, soft-touch and C20 etc.
  • Printing in your brand colours
  • Lots of different options for suspending your products from hooks, and that make manual or automatic packaging easier

Flat Bags

Flat bags are ideal for packaging any sort of product that is either very thin (cards, stickers, etc.), or is basic and needs low-cost but protective packaging


  • Basic such as a document wallet
  • Tamper-proof if sealed after filling
  • There are many different accessories to close the bag (clips, adhesive, ties, etc).

With Bottom Gusset

Stand-up pouches are the ideal way to package products that you want to have an impact. They offer an attractive facing that makes both your product and your printing highly visible. 


  • Different types of gusset bottom are available: including card.
  • Can be resealed with a twist tie, a hook, a clip or adhesive

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