The Sensogrip Effect

Sensogrip® - The sound and tactile bag

Born after 2 years' of research, Sensogrip® closure has been designed to give a unique sensation, which you can both hear and feel without loss to its technical and environmental properties. Adding Sensogrip® to your packaging will improve your brand image and help you to earn market share.

Share a unique emotional attachment with your customers!

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Our Sensogrip® closure is:

1. Emotional 

With an effortless opening and an intuitive closure thanks to its automatic alignment, Sensogrip® is so user-friendly.
Sensogrip® is so user-friendly that it is intuitive to close thanks to its automatic alignment and easy to open without efforts or accessories.
Its design, unique and ergonomic, makes it accessible for all ages, regardless of ability, disability.
Approved by 90% of consumers*.

2. Hermetic

Sensogrip® is the most hermetic and reliable multitrack closure on the market.
It offers ultimate protection of the product, even when opening the pack time after time:

  • Prevents external contamination
  • Containment is guaranteed via the strength of the profile opening force

The product properties are preserved as Sensogrip® limits exposure to air, guarantees the hygiene of the product and helps extend product life.

3. Eco-designed 

When developing this new highly technical closure, Flexico has taken into account its impact on the environment, and considered the expectations of both industrial customers and consumers. Without compromising functionality or technical properties, the Sensogrip® closure can be integrated onto flexible packaging that offers reduced volume and weight.
Eco-designed, our Sensogrip® closure uses fewer materials in comparison with other available closures and is Mono material for easy recycling.

Try the Sensogrip® effect now !

* Consumer Panel -Sept. 2013 of over 60 persons in a controlled environment (Abis)

  • Picto Sensogrip Fermeture 2 ss Contour

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