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Slider bags

Slider bags that can be taken everywhere – practical and elegant.

The slider closing system combines practicality, mobility and aesthetic appeal to meet the demands of the 21st century consumer. Given how much more we now all move around, either for business or leisure, users expect packaging to do more than simply protect the contents - it has to offer other features to fit with our new life styles - urban living, being continually on the move, concern for the environment, etc.

Customize your bags

Bag has to offer added value to the product inside.

  • Practicality : slider bags are very easy to use, even for the elderly or disabled. Your resealable bag can be opened and closed over and over again – this is the advantage of a closing system that is not only practical and easy to handle, but extremely tough and long-lasting too.
  • Mobility: the slider allows the bag to be opened and closed many times over so that the contents can be safely transported and used gradually over time. The slider protects the product from any outside contamination, but also from falling out of its packaging, thereby preventing any loss or breakage.
  • Aesthetic appeal: this closing system can be produced in different colours to match any brand. The slider bag then turns into the perfect pouch or small bag that makes a brand’s products look good in the shops but also for the customer throughout the product’s life cycle.

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