Zipgrip zipper bags & profiles

Zip bag

A tried and tested closing system that offers your consumers practical, resealable packaging.

Zip bags that have been around for over 60 years are one that Flexico is continually improving upon so as to react and respond to market expectations and develop custom-made closing systems for its customers.
The zipper closing system protects the product effectively from outside contaminants and prevents product loss should bags be dropped. It keeps food fresher for longer once the packaging has been opened, which helps cuts down food wastage. 

Zip bags with zippers closing system

Flexico designs its zip closing systems not only to protect products and keep them fresh but also to make them accessible to everyone. This is why our range is comprised of 3 zip bags groups:

  • The classic zipper bag is simple and quick to use
  • The double zipper bag provides greater safety for heavy, bulky or dangerous products
  • The clicky zip bag provides reassurance as the user can feel and hear that the packaging has been closed properly, making this a closing system everyone can use, in particular the hearing and visually impaired.

Innovative bags with our zip solutions

Each of these 3 zipper groups can then be supplied in 2 forms:

  • ZipGrip® closing profiles : zips can be inserted on the top or front, zips can be welded or pre-applied on any type of film, and in particular on BOPP film, etc.
    The zipper range includes over a hundred different products which can be matched with any sort of flexible packaging.
  • Bags : Zip bags with integrated zipper or ZipGrip® bags with post-applied zippers.
    Unique, extensive and custom-made - this is what sets Flexico’s® range of resealable bags apart.

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